The beginning

The ideas for globalizing the Guruvayur made idols started looming in 2016. But it took 2 long years for the idea to get materialized. Well, we officially launched on 13th February 2018, without much pomp and fanfare.  But, it was only after June, that we started a full fledged  service all over India. Then there was no turning back. 


what we do.

Arte House was the pioneer who successfully shipped idols made in Guruvayur to homes all over India. With dedicated customer support and curated products, we stand out from the plethora of ecommerce websites out there. With damage/replacement rate at a staggering low of 3%, Arte House strives hard to place customer delight as top priority. What makes Arte House unique, is that most of our traffic are organic. And our delighted customers ensure that the word of mouth spreads far and wide. 

  • 100% Five Star Reviews
  • 99% Happy Customers
  • Less than 3% Damage Rate
  • 0% Return Rate
  • Curated and Unique Products
  • International Shipping
  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • Dedicated Customer Service
testimonial-team (Demo)
Pranav M P
Founder and CEO

An engineering graduate with a love for creativity, his previous venture “Filmarena” failed to take off successfully. An avid lover of photography, arts and cinema.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Bijith P K
Co-founder, Creative Head

A teacher and an artist with a creative mind, he simultaneously runs a Tution Centre, a Spoken English Centre along with The Arte House. He is also an avid lover of photography, music, arts and cinema.

Connect with us
Arte House,
English Cafe, 2nd floor,
Municipal Building,
Guruvayur, Thrissur 680101
Kerala, India.
98467 76333