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Wood Carved Elephant- Kerala Handicrafts

7 Traditional Kerala Handicrafts famous for their beauty and craftsmanship

Each state in India has its own rich cultural and artistic background, which, in turn, influenced its respective handicrafts. Kerala, too, is unique when it comes to the plethora of handicrafts created by its talented craftsmen and artisans. Let's take a look at these handicrafts:

Aranmula Kannadi

Aranmula Kannadi is perhaps the most famous handicraft in Kerala. This metal-alloy mirror is completely hand-made and is exclusively produced in the village of Aranmula in Kerala. What makes this product unique is that the metals used for the manufacture of Aranmula Kannadi is still a family secret. This beautiful Kerala handicraft also features delicate outer designs created by skilled craftsmen. If you are looking for more information regarding Aranmula Kannadi, then you can visit this website. You can also buy these products directly from their online store.

Aranmula Kannadii- Kerala Handicraft

Aranmula Kannadii- Kerala Handicraft (Photo Courtesy: Rajesh Nair from Bangalore, India )

Nettur Petti

How could a simple wooden box become an epitome of skilled craftsmanship? Nettur Petti is one such Kerala handicraft where maths, skills, and art combine together to form an exquisite work of genius. Just like Aranmula Kannadi, Nettur Petti derives its name from the place where it was first produced, the village named Nettur, near Thalasseri in Kerala. Nowadays, these jewel boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can contact us directly if you are planning to buy them. The jewel boxes at The Arte House are all made in Rosewood and checked for faults.

Nettue Peti

This version of Jewel box is available at The Arte House

Wooden Elephants

Poorams (annually held local festivals) are an integral part of Kerala culture. The prime attraction of such festivals is the musical performance utilizing traditional instruments accompanied by caparisoned elephants. People in Kerala treat elephants with awe and respect, which in turn explains the origin of elephant handicrafts. Majestic wooden elephant statues created by talented artists are in high demand even now. From the skilled artisans in Cherpu to the producers of highly detailed life-like elephants - Aanamaker, you can buy these wood-carved elephants in Kerala. If you are looking to buy them online, then, we The Arte House also feature wooden carved elephants made in a variety of woods like Kunnivaka and Rosewood. Although a single piece is featured in our store we have a huge collection of elephants in different sizes. You can directly contact us and we would be more than happy to send you the pictures. Our store also features elephant statues made of fiber, which have realistic colors and won’t break easily.


Wood Carved Elephant- Kerala Handicrafts

Wood Carved Elephant- Kerala Handicrafts


We already discussed the importance of elephants wearing caparisons in Poorams. These caparisons on the forehead of each elephant destined to bring charm to the festival are called Nettipattams in Kerala.  Ever wondered how Nettipattams came into existence? According to Hindu mythology, Nettipattam is the brainchild of none other than Lord Brahma.  Legend also has it that Iravath, the white elephant of Lord Indra was the first one fortunate enough to wear it. The original Nettipattams are the result of about a month’s hard work and craftsmanship.  But smaller versions of them are getting popular as unique wall décors. The glittering gold plated beads placed on an elegant red velvet cloth surrounded by colorful woolen threads are enough to impart a bewitching aura to your walls.  Such replicas of Nettipattams are available in different sizes based on your budget. For example, we, The Arte House have Nettipattams with prices starting from as low as Rs.799/-. The tallest one is 5 feet high and costs about Rs. 9,999/-.  You can also choose between the mould Nettipattam, normal Nettipattam or the relatively new Picture Nettipattam.

Nettipatam- Kerala Handicrafts

Nettipatam- Kerala Handicrafts


Mural Painting

The uniqueness of Mural Paintings from Kerala lies in the bright, vibrant color scheme derived using Panchavarna (5 colors) and the peculiar way of depicting the characters. Hindu Mythology and deities form a major portion of these paintings. Another peculiarity is that natural colors and brushes are used for creating these visually enticing masterpieces. The outer walls of Guruvayur temple were recently covered with murals. An Institute of Mural Painting was established in Guruvayur in 1989. If you are looking to buy framed laminated replicas of Mural Paintings then please contact us. We would be more than glad to send you the pictures of our collections. Laminated photo frames of deities are also available.

Mural Painting

Mural Painting

Kathakali Artefacts

Kerala’s own traditional art form Kathakali is characterized by profuse makeup, highly detailed costumes, subtle facial expressions and hand gestures. The attire of a Kathakali artist in itself is a delight to watch. Various artifacts used in Kathakali thus gained prominence as handicrafts. Kathakali mask is one such example. You can also find replicas of Kathakali artists. We, at The Arte House, have both Kathakali Mask and Kathakali artist replicas made of fiber and cloth, which emphasizes on beauty.

kathakali mask- Kerala Handicrafts

Kathakali mask- Kerala Handicrafts

Wooden Boats

From the mighty "Urus" in Beypore to the traditional Kettuvallams, boats and ships played an important role in Kerala’s history. This love for boats is reflected in Kerala handicrafts, too. Replicas of Urus, Houseboats and Chundan Vallams (Snake boats) made in wood are quite famous as souvenirs. They can also be bought from our store.

Kerala houseboat- Kerala Handicrafts

Kerala houseboat- Kerala Handicrafts

Can't come to Guruvayur? Don't worry!!! Buy Kerala Handicrafts sourced from Guruvayur at the best prices online!!!

7 Traditional Kerala Handicrafts famous for their beauty and craftsmanship
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7 Traditional Kerala Handicrafts famous for their beauty and craftsmanship
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