Thrikkakara Appan Idol for onam, Onathappan idol made in wood- Set of 5

Thrikkakara Appan idol for Onam in wood.


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Thrikkakara Appan idol for onam is a pyramid structure which is made from scratch at home and worshipped on the day of Onam. We bring you a wooden replica of Thrikkakara appan made by talented carpenters following traditional customs. The center structure represents Lord Vishnu (Vamana Avatar). Thrikkakara Appan idol for onam has structures having four faces with a flat top. Each structure is made of good quality wood which will remain safe for a long period of time. Holes are provided at suitable places for placing fresh Flowers. The base is made of wood and cardboard. On the day of onam, first place the base piece. Then place the biggest structure on the top of it in the centre with the remaining structures surrounding it. Place fresh flowers inside the slots provided. Make a diluted solution of rice powder in water and pour it over the structures. You can also keep it in the centre of pookalam.

Dimensions: 1 Structure with height 31 cm and 4 structures with 21 cm height. Base structure: 19×19 cm with 2 cm thickness.

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