Vishu Kani Items Kit with idol made in polymarble[Traditional Vishu Kani Decorations]

Vishu Kani Items Kit with idol made in polymarble[Traditional Vishu Kani Decorations]

600.00950.00 Inc. of GST

  • Great set of decorations for your pooja room !!!
Choose an option
Guruvayurappan Idol(9 cm)
900.00 600.00 Inc. of GST
Krishna Idol(15 cm)
1,200.00 950.00 Inc. of GST
Guruvayurappan Idol(14 cm)
1,000.00 800.00 Inc. of GST

You can select from any one combination of Vishu Kani Kit featuring Idols in Polymarble.


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Guruvayurappan Idol(9 cm), Guruvayurappan Idol(14 cm), Krishna Idol(15 cm)


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Vishu Kani Items consisting of

  1. Thiru udayada
  2. Brass vaal kannadi (metal mirror)
  3. Mayilpeeli (peacock feather)
  4. Kunnikuru(red lucky seeds).
  5. Guruvayurappan idol small/ big or Krishna idol [Please select the idol based on your preference]

Make a beautiful Vishu Kani using the items provided by us. Arrange these items around your favorite idol for making Vishu Kani. Above all, if you do not have a charming idol, then you can select from the wide range of Charming Krishna Vigrahams from our website.

You can also view our other combinations of Vishu Kani kit HERE and select the one you want based on your budget.

Kindly note that our vaalkannadi is the traditional type brass piece without any mirror properties. In case you prefer COD, you may purchase it from AMAZON

Materials: Cloth
Size of Thiru udayada: 17 cm length
vaalkannadi: 10 cm length, 5 cm diameter.
Color: white, golden
How to how to make vishu kani?
If you are ignorant of the procedures for making a vishu kani, then you can check this page.
Vishu is an auspicious festival celebrated in Kerala. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is the God of Time. Hence, his presence marks the first day of the zodiac calendar . This traditional Kerala festival comes usually in the second week of April. People wake up early in the morning and go the pooja room with closed eyes. Finally, they open their eyes to view the beautiful Kani. The Kani is a mix of items that includes an image or idol of Lord Krishna, flowers, fruits, vegetables, clothes and gold or money. The way one arranges these items or which all items one need to place varies form person to person. It’s all about setting a divine ambiance with the above-said items accompanied by lamps and diyas.